Bodružal (UNESCO)

The orthodox church of Saint Nicholas is a wooden Greek Catholic Byzantine rite church located in Bodružal village in the Svidník district in Prešov Region. The church is named after Saint Nicholas the Archbishop of Mira in Licja. Since 2008, the temple is signed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The temple is part of a unique urban complex in the elevated part of the village.
In addition to the temple, the complex also consists of an independent bell tower, an adjacent cemetery and a wooden fence with a shingle roof and an entrance gate, which is covered with a conical roof with a poppy-head shape on it. The temple itself is a prototype of so-called Lemko - type temple. It was built in 1658 and is one of the oldest wooden religious constructions of the Byzantine rite in Slovakia.

The church is situated next to the green tourist trail.

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