Svidník, Museum of Ukrainian-Ruthenian Culture

The Museum of Ukrainian-Ruthenian Culture or, if you prefer, Ukrainian Culture, documents the cultural and historical development of the Ukrainian-Ruthenian population in Slovakia. Additionally to the first part Man and nature, where the flora and fauna of the Carpathian nature are presented, the exhibition shows a evolution of man from prehistory through the period of feudalism, socialism to the present time.

The exhibition features and exposes unique archaeological findings - a mammoth tusk and tooth from the area of Svidník. Also there are stone ax-hammers, stone axes, a vessel similar to amphorae, etc. from the prehistory period. Medieval written monuments, acts about the building of individual villages and documents regarding national position of the population from western Ukraine. Visitors can also see examples of Ruthenian material and spiritual culture. The literal efforts of Ruthenians-Ukrainians are very well documented.

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