Beskydský panteón

The Pantheon is located at thecrossroads of marked cycling routes "Križovatka Jalová"

An unusual symbolic cemetery is located at the crossroads from Jalová village .It presents in an original way the seven most significant historical and contemporary personalities who have contributed to the development of the Snina region The names of these personalities are carved on the scattered rocks. Here you can find famous names such as: Alexander Duchnovič from Topola, poet and national art collector from Starina Jurko Kolinčák, robber Fedor Hlavatý, war reporter Egon Ervin Kisch, narrator from Zboj Michal Pustaj, journalist and writer Ladislav Mňačko and the important philosopher Peter Lodij from Zboj.

Because of the vicinity to the road, it is a place worth stopping, regardless of whether you are traveling by bike or car.

This place is on following trails

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