Medová baba (Honey Woman)

Medová baba is the name of the place, where the meadow, Žofia Maťašovská lived - a simple and modest woman. She cared with great love for over 80 bee hives. Fame about her high-quality mountain honey spread away. Her products were picked by famous bakeries in German Pardubice or chocolate shops in German Koln.

Žofia lived here with her husband and two daughters for almost 25 years. The family moved here from Poland in 1928.

It is a vast meadow with a monumental sculpture of a woman – Medová baba. The sculpture is
7 meters high. It was placed in 2002. There is also a crowned building with beehives in the meadow. (Warning! With real bees, so the wooden Žofia is still looking after flowering meadows and hard-working bees).

This place is on following trails

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