Kremenec (triple borders SK - PL - UA)

Kremenec is the highest peak in Bukovské vrchy in Slovakia. With its height of 1 221 m above sea level, it is located about 150 m east of the Slovak - Polish - Ukrainian state border. At the highest point in Slovakia there is a black granite three-walled obelisk, which means the contact of three borders. Each of its sides is directed towards one of the border countires. Kremenec peak is forested and does not offer views, only border lines pass through it. The views are offered by the surrounding area, nearby peaks such as Kamenná lúka (1 200,9 m above sea level) about 25 minutes on foot and the significant Polish peak Wielka Rawka (1 307,2 m above sea level), which is about 45 minutes away on foot.

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