Stavok (SK - PL border)

Detailed description of the place
Stavok Peak, in Polish “Baranie”, is on the border between Slovakia and Poland. From Slovakia, it is reachable from the yellow tourist trail that starts at the beginning of Vyšná Pisaná village (45 minutes on foot). The car park in the village is situated higher, next to the Commune office on the right, but buses turn here too, so one should park as close as possible to the edge.

From Poland the yellow hiking trail Tylawa - Baranie leads to the Stavok viewpoint trail (1 hour and 25 minutes on foot from the Olchowiec settlement).

Interesting facts
Stavok Peak (in Polish Baranie) is 752 m above sea level. The long-distance European tourist route E3 passes through this peak, which continues along the border band to Dukla Pass, where it leaves Slovakia and continues to Poland. Until April 2019, there was a pyramid-shaped observation tower that had three viewing
platforms at heights of 5.75 m - 10.25 m - 14 m. Due to its poor technical condition, it was demolished. It gave an opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Low Beskid. There are plans to build a new tower, but its future is in the hands of enthusiasts.

On the top there is a wooden shelter, where you can have an emergency sleep.

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