Sninský kameň

This rocky, andesitic peak consists of two independent rock gates, a smaller, but higher, Malé Sninské kameň (1 006 m above sea level) and a lower, but larger, Veľké Sninské kameň (998 m above sea level). The average height of the rocks is 20 meters. The western edge of the rock formations looks majestic especially from the Cirocha valley, it is up to 40 meters high. The width of the rocks is only 5 - 15 meters in some places. Veľký Sninský kameň is about 180 meters long and Malý about 70 meters long.

Sninský kameň is the most popular tourist attraction. The gable surfaces of both parts of Sninské kameňa (rock cliff) are reachable for tourists using iron ladders.

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