Príslop (village)

An interesting fact is the lime tree, which is at the wooden bell tower next to the church. This tree was damaged by a fire in 1944 when the original wooden temple burned down. The original church was built between 1757 and 1779 in the Karcaba Pass (the first mountain pass towards Stakčín), but during the cholera epidemic in the first half of the 19th century most of the villagers were displaced to the Sumišného stream valley – to the current location. The wooden temple was disassembled, moved and reconstructed in a new place until the fighting in World War II.

It was not destroyed during fights of the World War II.

The military cemetery of soldiers killed in the World War I was established in the village in 1917. 81 Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died during the Russian offensive in November 1914 are buried here.

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