The village, with only 15 permanent inhabitants, comes alive mainly at weekends, when it grows by another 50 tourists or more. In the village there is also a ski resort with five lifts with a total transport capacity of 3600 people/hour. The total length of ski runs is almost 3 km, 1.4 km of which is with artificial snow. At present, the resort is closed. It is assumed that in 2020 - 2021 season will be opened. It is supposed to ba a guest house with a questrian school.

Tourist trails begin at the Greek Catholic Church from 1893. By the local yellow trail you can walk to Regetov Peatland. It is a national reserve. On the territory which is in some places very wet due to the action of the creek and several small sources we can admire individual plant communities - a carnivorous round-list rostrum plant that "hunts" insects with sticky red hairs on its leaves.

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