Ruská Volová

Similary as in the Ulič village, also on the didactic path of Miroslav Poliščuk, it is reminded of the ringleader of the robbers Fedor Hlavatý, the Ruská Volová village does not forget about him also. This robber and many other members of his crew were born in this village. His two brothers Danko and Vaska were also in the robbery crew. The crew had almost fifty members and operated in the area of Humenného, Snina, Medzilaboriec, Svidník, Stropkov and Bardejov.

In 1493, the robbers wrote a threats letter to Bardejov. They threaten in it for the execution of four comrades. They demanded to pay them 400 złotych, otherwise, they threatened the city with revenge.

In the village we will find a commemorative board and a tourist walkway, which are dedicated to it.

This place is on following trails

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