38-524 Mymoń
49°34'25"N 21°56'40"E

Mymoń is a small town located on the green trail from Besko to Kanasiówka peak. When you are here it is worth going down a few dozen meters from the trail and visit the war cemetery from the time of the First World War. It is located just above the parish cemetery. The cemetery has a rectangular shape with an area of 800 m2. At this cemetery were buried about 180 unidentified soldiers of different nationalities who were killed in the fighting nearby the cemetery’s region to break the front from 9th to 11th of May 1915 during the Gorlice offensive. At present, there are 160 small concrete crosses that replaced simple wooden crosses. Above the collective tomb there is a tall metal cross with a commemorative board. The entire necropolis is fenced with a metal fence. At the entrance to the cemetery, demonstrative boards were placed, with a description of "Gorlice Operation", "Skirmishes of Besko – 9th May 1915" and the history of the war cemetery. A marked path leads to the cemetery.

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